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Why choose EyeBuyDirect.net

Over 2000 prescription glasses to choose from! At EyeBuyDirect.net, our range of glasses starts from as low as $7.00. Also on offer are thousands of cheap prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. With no retail high street premises or expensive eye testing equipment to pay for, we pass on our savings to you. Our tie-ups with leading brand and lenses manufacturers means that you save up to 80% on your prescription glasses and RX sunglasses.

My First Purchase of Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Over the last two or three years, my eyes have grown shortsighted, a result from prolonged exposure to computer radiation I guess. Mom and dad were worried about it, but I considered it no big deal. Besides, wearing a pair of glasses would make me look like kind of a nerd. It was when I had to strain my eyes to see what was written on the blackboard that I decided something must be done about it.

Three Misunderstands On Buying Reading Glasses

To wear a pair of reading glasses is regularly available for the old people. However, regarding to wear reading glasses, there are many misunderstands causing various visual impairments. Here we ask several eye specialists to clarify these misunderstands about reading glasses. Filed under: Reading Glasses

Buying Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Today the prescription eyeglasses are no more than the vision correction tools, but an important part as the fashion accessories. They can make you look more attractive. However, you may always find that buying the prescription eyeglasses with high quality can really cost you a lot. Filed under: Prescription Eyeglasses

Something about the Prescription Sunglasses

Today more and more people have eye problems, so they have to wear eyeglasses with prescription. The normal sunglasses are not suitable for them to wear, what suit them well is the prescription sunglasses. The prescription sunglasses can not only protect the wearers’ vision, but also give them the clear vision. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind when choosing yourselves prescription sunglasses. Filed under: Prescription Sunglasses

A Really Wise Choice for You to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Have you ever considered about buying your prescription eyeglasses online? You should know that it really makes good sense. For it is both money-saving and time-saving and can also bring great convenience to you. Nowadays with the development of the Internet, the days that you can only buy your prescription eyeglass at a nearby eye care center are gone. You can easily choose the latest styles online. Filed under: Prescription Eyeglasses

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