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5 Tips for Workplace Eye Safety

Eye injuries are common in the workplace. It is important to keep the eyes well-protected while working in an environment where particles, sparks, chemicals, dust, or chips pose a threat to eye safety. Eye injury may leave employees spending days on a bed for recovery. Employees spending days without working is also counterproductive for the business. It is in the best interest of everyone to prioritize eye safety at the workplace. Worksites, where the risk of eye injury is high, have to follow a certain guideline to protect eyes against that specific working environment of the place. Chemical factories, construction sites, timber cutting sites, etc. Should have strict rules to reduce the risk of eye injuries. Here are some useful eye safety tips.

Wear High-quality Safety Glasses:

Wearing safety glasses suited for your work condition is essential to protect your eyes. If dust, flying particles, sparks, etc. are a frequent hazard at the site then you should invest in high-quality safety glasses. Safety glasses are available in different variations and you should buy a pair that is comfortable wearing and suited for your worksite. For example, if you need protection from the sides, you should purchase glasses with side-shields for extra protection. If you work outdoors then wear safety sunglasses to get protection against harmful UV rays. If you are prescribed to wear glasses then you should opt for prescription safety sunglasses rather than being uncomfortable wearing two glasses at once while performing tasks. Construction site workers are highly recommended to wear safety sunglasses as they have to protect their eyes from dust and particles as well as harsh UV rays.

Keep the Lenses Clear:

Safety glasses are not only for keeping the eyes protected all the time while working, but it is also utilized for clear vision. It is difficult for any worker to perform tasks with precision when the vision is not clear as it should be due to scratches or dust on the lenses. Whether you are wearing prescription safety glasses or non-prescribed safety glasses, cleaning the lenses using the right material keeps your vision clear while working. Clear lenses enhance safety and also improve the quality of work as it gets done with the required precision. While purchasing the glasses, check if the lenses are scratch-resistant or not. If you work outdoors, ensure that the frame, as well as lenses, are manufactured considering several factors, such as fog, sweat, and harsh sunlight. For outdoor work, you should opt for quality polarized safety sunglasses. Polarized glasses allow only vertical lights to pass through the lens and minimize the blinding effect caused by glare. Wearing safety glasses with a polarized lens gives you a clear, unobstructed view.

Reduce Hazards as much as Possible at the Worksite:

Reducing hazards at the workplace is an organic process that can be achieved by implementing several rules and regulations and developing a few habits to improve the level of eye safety. Educating and training workers about the present risk and encouraging general safety is helpful. A workplace should have a protocol that encourages general safety among workers. Workers should also get proper training under an experienced supervisor for educating them about workplace safety.

Keep the First-aid Kit Handy:

Employees should work using the best safety equipment, but at the same time having prepared for minor to major injuries is also crucial. Having a first aid kit handy is necessary. It is useful in treating work-related minor injuries. You should also have eyewash readily available to address minor irritation caused by dust or grit. If possible, a workplace with a hazardous working environment should have an emergency eyewash station to take care of more serious eye injuries caused by exposure to acids or chemicals.

Keep Your Protective Eyewear Safe:

At the workplace, safety glasses are used on a daily basis and if they are not placed properly after use then they can be damaged. Scratches and cracks on the lenses reduce visibility and fail to give comprehensive protection. To keep the glasses safe, they should be cleaned regularly and placed in a safe place. With a little maintenance care, your safety glasses will remain in perfect condition for a long time.


To keep your eyes protected at the workplace, you should invest in a pair of high-quality safety glasses. If you are working outdoor then look for available options in safety sunglasses. Workers who are prescribed to wear glasses should avoid doubling up the glasses and opt for prescription glasses. Keep the lenses clean for error-free vision and placed the glasses in a safe place after using and have a first aid kit handy in case of emergency.