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Tips and tricks every prescription glasses users can use

Wearing eyeglasses all the time can be both burdensome and annoying sometimes. But worry no more because we have here some tips and tricks that you can use to avoid or at least minimize such a burden.

Buy microfiber cloth in bulk

Buying just one or two microfiber fabrics can be a bit expensive. How about buying in bulk at once? You can save more when you buy wholesale. You can also buy the larger one instead of just the minis. You can always cut it into smaller pieces if you want to.

Pick the right optical shop

Prescription glasses do not have to be always expensive. There is quite a lot of less-known companies out there that offer equally amazing and high-quality cheap glasses at a relatively lower price. In most cases, you are paying only for the brand name and not actually the quality of glasses if you choose to opt for expensive ones.

Stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals

One of the problems of prescription glasses online is the protective coating. However, it does not always have to do with the quality of the lens but with how you care for your glasses. Cleaning chemicals and substances that contain bleach, alcohol, vinegar, and ammonia can damage the lenses' coating. So, avoid them as much as possible. Use diluted dish soap instead when washing your eyewear.

Adjusting nose pads the right way

It's sometimes quite challenging to balance the nose pads. A quick trick to this is to place your frames on a flat surface and then adjust the nose pads. This way you can easily see if they're balanced or not.

Finding your glasses on dark areas

Are you struggling in locating your glasses or their casing when you are in a dark area? How about doing this trick- attach a neon-colored or glow in the dark paint, strip, or sticker on any part of your prescription glasses (preferably on the tip of the frame) and on the casing as well. This way you can easily see where your glasses and their casing are located in case you lost them in the dark.

Bring with you a microfiber cloth anywhere you are

Your glasses can get misty or cloudy a few times a day especially when you are out in a dusty place, when it's raining, or when the weather is quite misty. It's smart to bring with you a clean microfiber cloth always anywhere you are.

If you are changing your bag or pouch often, it helps that you get some microfiber cloths ready and put one in each of your bags to make sure you won't forget it. Chances are when you don't have a microfiber cloth on hand, you can't clean your glasses right away when you need to. Or worse, you may be tempted to wipe them with any fabric you have on hand which can possibly damage or scratch the lenses.

So there you go, some tips and tricks to make using prescription glasses more pleasing for you.