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Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Prescription cycling sunglasses

Just like you wear safety guards and a helmet while you ride, you need cycling glasses to protect your eyes. With the right pair of cycling glasses, you can instantly become a stylish rider, but these glasses are predominantly designed to protect your eyes from various risks associated with riding a bike.

Riders who are prescribed to wear glasses should wear prescription cycling glasses. Most riders hit the road during day time, whether they are practicing or taking part in a race, and it is recommended that they wear prescription cycling sunglasses.

Enhanced vision:

If you wear regular glasses while riding, you compromise your eye safety and if you wear non-prescription cycling glasses, you compromise with your vision clarity. To avoid such risk, you should opt for prescription cycling glasses and sunglasses. You get enhanced vision and protection against harmful UV rays. At the same time, wind and dust are also prevented from reaching your eyes.

Protection from irritating glare and reflection:

Wearing prescription cycling sunglasses not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but will also reduce the irritation caused by reflection. Cycling sunglasses avoid the light from bouncing back on the glasses that affects the eyesight while you ride. While you are on the road, the reflection from sunlight, beam lights, water, and snow is eliminated.

Protection from dust, wind, and other foreign objects:

Whether you are riding your bike on a dusty road, on the hills, through the woods, or on clean city roods, your eyes need protection from wind, dust, and other foreign particles. The constant flow of wind leaves you with watery eyes, while dust and foreign objects can not only create disturbance but can also cause severe damage to the eyes. Wearing a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses reduces all these possibilities.

Comfortable in all weather conditions:

You should buy cycling glasses with air vents. Air vents keep the air flowing and prevent fogging caused by heat and perspiration trapped between your face and the lens. Whether you are riding during summer or you enjoying mountain slopes in cold weather, with the right pair of cycling glasses, you get a clear vision that adds comfort for you to ride through harsh weather conditions.

Interchangeable lenses:

Cycling sunglasses with the interchangeable lens are more versatile. You can change the lens that suits best to the riding condition of the day. While browsing through an online store of sports glasses, you find that some models of cycling glasses are available with the spare lens while for others you have to buy separately. If you are prescribed to wear glasses then ensure that the spare lenses are also made perfectly to your prescription.

Variety in lenses

There are several lens options to choose from when it comes to cycling glasses that will allow you to tailor your cycling sunglasses as per your requirement. With polarized lens are popular as they combat glare that often creates a disturbance for riders, especially on uneven roads. Photochromatic lenses are considered ideal for changing weather conditions. The tint levels on the lenses automatically change depending on the levels of the sunlight.

Available in a variety of styles and sizes:

Prescription cycling sunglasses are available in a variety of styles. Whether you want wrap-around style glasses or you want to go with some other options, the frames are available in a wide range that you can match with your other accessories. Wearing glasses that are the perfect fit for your face is essential, so uneven roads do not pose the risk of falling off the glasses. Invest in a quality pair of cycling sunglasses that you get a clear and wide field of view.

Glasses made using quality material gives you extra comfort:

Cycling glasses made using high-quality material give extra comfort to the wearer. These glasses are also high impact resistant and last for years without any maintenance. Manufacturers also use hydrophilic material for the contact points on the arms and nose of the cycling glasses. The material gets thicker as it gets wet, preventing sweat from entering the eyes.

Available at an affordable price:

Whether you buy prescription cycling glasses or you buy polarized cycling sunglasses, Eyewear Canada offers a wide range of collections of high-quality glasses at affordable prices. We have carefully crafted each pair considering optimum comfort for the riders. The lenses for prescription glasses are made using advanced lens technology and go through several testing.

Makes you a stylish rider:

Wearing cycling glasses will not only protect your eyes, give you clear vision, and make you feel comfortable on the road, but it will also give you a stylish look. Whether you ride for fun or you are a pro-rider, you should push the paddle in style. Browse through our stylish collection of cycling sunglasses and place your order now.