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Things You need to keep in mind before buying Prescription Sports Glasses

Whether you are riding a bicycle on a sloppy mountain, finishing your marathon run in harsh sunlight, playing golf in cloudy weather, or making way through the snow on your skiboard, you need clear vision to see and overcome the obstacles in front. Your sports eyewear is as essential as your sports gear. Quality sports eyewear promises the safety of your eyes, enabling you with the comfort of clear vision. The uncompromised is essential for any sportsman to focus and give the desired performance, and so you should not hesitate to invest in a pair of quality sports glasses.

Buying sports glasses may seem a simple task for those who are not prescribed to wear glasses. A visit to a reputed online store can cater to their needs. But people who are prescribed to wear glasses either have to compromise with the comfort by wearing two glasses at once or by wearing a contact lens that needs careful handling. None of them is an ideal option when you are prescribed to wear glasses, so the best way to play your game comfortably, wearing prescription sports glasses is the best option.

Why wearing prescription sports glasses is a better option:

Doubling up glasses while playing sports should be avoided for safety reasons. It is also annoying and uncomfortable. A contact lens is considered a better option, but it needs to be handled carefully. While performing intense activities, the lens may get misaligned and have to be readjusted. Wearing prescription sports glasses eliminates such risk, and you get enhanced safety for eyes and clear vision.

Here are a few things that you should consider while buying prescription sports glasses.

Look for the sports glasses explicitly designed for the sports you play:

Both sports glasses and safety glasses are designed to keep the eyes protected, but sports glasses are different from safety glasses. Safety glasses are not explicitly manufactured to perform each task, while sports glasses are designed to meet the unique requirements of each sport. A perfect eyewear solution is available for runners, skiers, riders, golfers, and the players of other games.

Look for the sports glasses designed with state-of-the-art lens technology:

When you are buying prescription sports glasses, you need to ensure that your eyewear is customized using advanced lens technology. The frame you choose can match your style preferences, but it also has to be appropriate for your vision needs. You should learn which lens materials and lens powers are most suitable for you as it will make your sports glasses more functional. You can also opt for lens enhancements that include anti-glare coating, tints, polarizing, and filters.

Selecting frames:

The quality of the lens gives you clear vision, but to have proper comfort, and you need to choose your frames wisely. Along with style, you should also consider the durability and fitting of the frames. Intense physical activities are part of most games and to go through it, and the frame should adequately fit your face. At the same time, it should not be too tight, leaving marks behind your ear or on your nose. Buy a frame that does not offer such discomfort.

Different types of frames are available to meet the specific needs of each sport. For example, swimming glasses and skiing goggles have a wrap-around style, while golf sunglasses and fishing glasses have different designs. You should select the size that completely covers your eyes. Buying a frame that you are most comfortable wearing is necessary. In case if the fitting is not proper, then replace it with a different size.

Sometimes, a particular type of frame may not be suitable due to the unique size and shape of the face. In such a case, trying a different kind of frame is a viable option. Some prescriptions need specific axis and degrees to set the correct angle for a clear vision, which is often difficult for inexperienced optometrists. At Eyewear Canada, we have a team of experienced optometrists to cater to your requirement of prescription sports glasses in the best possible way.


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