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Staying beautiful even with prescription eyeglasses

What do men think of girls with glasses? Do they find them attractive or not? What do girls think about themselves when they wear glasses?

The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is commonly uttered when the topic under discussion is about beauty. Do you think it is true? Perhaps the saying is true because many men find women with glasses very attractive. Although sometimes they are stereotyped as nerds, many men find them special. On the other hand,  there are also men who find these women unattractive or basically not their type.

Whatever it is, whether a woman wears glasses or not, what is important is that she is giving value to her worth by simply taking good care of herself. She doesn’t have to be with a man to look beautiful because she can still be very beautiful and glowing even without a man beside her.

Some tips to guide you on how to look fabulous when wearing eyeglasses

Choose the prescription glasses that are appropriate for your face shape

Choosing the right glasses for your face shape does matter. If your face shape is round or oblong then you must avoid glasses that are also round because they will only give you a flattened face. On the other end, those of you with square, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped faces should avoid rectangular glasses. Your glasses must expose your face feature to give a little bit of character. Just make sure your eyeglasses are not too big so that they will not cover your eyebrows.

Choose the right to make up for you

Heavy makeup is definitely not a good idea when you are wearing glasses. Heavy make up will contradict any prescription glasses that you wear. Make your make-up simple. You can go with light makeup like just applying concealer on the dark spot, a little blush on, eyeliner, and lipstick.    

Choose the right hairstyle

Tying one’s hair with a little bit of style when wearing glasses is such a smart thing to do. Make sure there is not so much going on on your face. Covering your face with your hair while wearing cheap glasses can look odd. You can be artistic with your hairstyle but just make sure it does not cover your face.

Choose the right outfit for your glasses

Natural color glasses like black can complement any color of your dress. But if you want to wear colored glasses make sure they will complement your dress.

Maintain proper hygiene

Looking neat and fresh is everything when trying to look good. Thus, it is very important to practice personal hygiene.

Maintain self-confidence

A beautiful hairstyle and nice makeup will be useless if a woman loses confidence in herself. A woman must possess overflowing confidence because every woman deserves all the respect and dignity they can get from men for it is the women who came into this world with a great purpose.

Remember that at the end of the day it is not really the glasses that matter but it is how you keep yourself neat and confident with or without glasses.