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Three Misunderstands On Buying Reading Glasse

To wear a pair of reading glasses is regularly available for old people. However, regarding wear reading glasses, there are many misunderstands causing various visual impairments. Here we ask several eye specialists to clarify these misunderstands about reading glasses.

Misunderstanding 1: people always random to shopping malls or an optical shop and buy a term without serious consideration.

Many of the elderly are used to buy their reading glasses on a casual occasion, and they prefer to choose the inexpensive one that style does not rely on. Mr. White, a few days ago, spent money on buying counterfeit reading glasses at a quite cheap price. Every day he would wear his glasses to read the newspaper alacrity in his heart. But so strangely that it can't be a long time for reading, and felt a headache along with a blurred vision. It is easy to get fatigued, as well as his mood became irritable easily.

Expert: The purpose of wearing reading glasses is in order to reduce the burden on the eyes, many consumers who lack knowledge, casually buy reading glasses without serious consideration, for short-term, this is not a big problem, but if you reading glasses is for the long-term use, it is bound to burden your eyes.

Misunderstanding 2: Sharing or using other people’s reading glasses

Ms. Diana, following her mother and her husband, joined into the groups of hyperopia. She once thought she needed to buy one, but the thought of that there is one at home right away, the idea of buying reading glasses has gone. As a result, these two generations sharing one reading glasses for use, but each will feel special fatigue.

Expert: eyes, just as hands and feet, that the right and left are not the same. Everyone’s eyes diopters and pupil distance and so on are not the same. So before purchasing reading glasses for the elderly, they should firstly receive a comprehensive examination of both eyes, including distance vision, near vision, refractive stroma, fundus, in particular, to observe whether there is cataract, glaucoma, or retinal disease. In addition, investors should also be based on age, occupation, etc.

Mistakes 4: myopia wearers don’t need reading glasses

During this time, Ms. Jane finds it particularly annoying that she can not see things at hand and far away. Words are blurred when she is reading or writing, she often needs to take off her glasses for reading. But even if she has taken off glasses, look at nearby is still inappropriate that also need to target moved closer to or farther. She felt strange, “ Does not mean that short-sighted people will not get presbyopia?”

Expert: it is the same for people who have already put on prescription eyeglasses to prescribe reading glasses. It often takes place after the needs of presbyopic glasses, according to their original degree of myopia, as well as their specific age, such as the case may be.

According to reports, the world’s second-generation are popular now of reading glasses (presbyopia progressive multi-focal lenses), a collection of more than one focus lens on the lens that offers a suitable focus to see a close look at nearly, to look too far, and fancy distance. In addition, Our Optometry Center are offering presbyopic lens which can filter harmful rays and non-spherical lens, all such lenses have also been welcomed by patients.