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My special birthday present - prescription sunglasses

Last week was my 24-year-old birthday. I had thought that I would not have a happy birthday since my boyfriend had been sent abroad for one year’s study. He had apologized to me that he could not spare time to go home for my birthday. I understood him and said that it doesn’t matter. I had prepared for a lonely birthday. But surprisingly, I got a big surprise from my boyfriend on that day. He sent me a special birthday present-a pair of prescription sunglasses.

I was really amazed when receiving the present. For one thing, I had not thought that he could send a present to me since he was so far away from another country. For another, a pair of prescription sunglasses is what I needed most at the present time. I always have great difficulty driving in summer. You know, the strong and intense sun rays make it difficult for me to see clearly when driving, and what is more, it makes my eyes uncomfortable, but a pair of common sunglasses is unworkable since I am near-sighted.

I was so glad to see the excellent prescription sunglasses, and I tried them on immediately. It suits me very well, both from the style and corrective power of the lenses. I felt strange about how my boyfriend could do that. I asked him about it through e-mail. He said that it was easy. He ordered that pair of prescription sunglasses from an online optical store in our county and wrote my address, and then the net store would send the eyeglasses directly to my home. What a good idea! I joked that he was so clever.

What moved me most is the present he chose. I had never thought he could be so considerate to me. He said that I once complained to him about my eyesight problems. Since I am near-sighted, I could not wear ordinary sunglasses like others when driving. I was touched by the fact that what I said casually was remembered by him. Since he had the digital version of my prescription list, he ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses from the net optical store www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net which is a famous online optical store that offers all kinds of prescription eyeglasses at discount prices.

I am thankful to my beloved boyfriend, as well as to that online optical store. what a big surprise they had given to me!